Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) 2023

Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) 2023

KGID is the World Bank’s flagship knowledge-sharing event on Green Growth, funded by the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF). It promotes the exchange of innovative approaches for sustainable development, attracting global experts in green growth, climate change, and sustainability. KGID serves as a valuable platform for learning about cutting-edge solutions and fostering partnerships. 

KGID 2023 will be held in Cairo, Egypt from October 17 to 19, 2023 under the theme “Leveling Up Green Growth Impacts”.  It will follow the WBG-IMF Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, at which the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Korea, the donor of KGGTF, will announce the replenishment of the program and sign a new Administrative Agreement, marking KGID 2023 as the official launch of the new KGGTF program.


Partners bring valuable innovations, research, and green growth methods to the World Bank and client countries through the KGGTF. They engage with grant teams, providing real-world examples and collaborating on adapting expertise to local contexts for a greater impact. 

 Having an opportunity to meet first-hand and partner with world-class innovators in the green growth field is one of the key benefits of working with KGGTF.

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KGID is an opportunity to foster meaningful conversations that enrich everyone's understanding. The agenda is designed to encourage active engagement with fellow participants in these dynamic, interactive sessions.


Opening Ceremony (October 17th, 09:00)

Leaders from Egypt, Korea, and the World Bank share their experiences, actions taken, lessons learned, and commitments to create a world free of poverty on a livable planet. 

  • A high-level representative from the World Bank  

  • A high-level representative from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea 

  • A High-level representative from the Egyptian Government  

Decade of Green Growth Impacts through KGGTF (October 17th, 09:50)

Witness the incredible journey of the World Bank Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) over 10 years, catalyzing green growth investments, funding groundbreaking ideas, influencing World Bank projects around the world and the future of green growth.

Green Growth in Action: The World Bank, Korea, and Egypt (October 17th, 10:40)

Learn how the World Bank, Korea and Egypt are identifying and prioritize green growth solutions.  

Leveling up Green Growth – Global Trends (October 17th, 13:15)

A panel of experts from leading organizations discuss global trends and financing priorities for green growth investments. 

Green Growth Tour Around the World (October 17th, 15:00)

Join us as we traverse the landscapes of global green growth activities, witnessing firsthand the evolution of these programs at various stages of development.   

Financing Opportunities from Korea: Unleashing Innovation & Support (October 17th, 16:30)

Learn about new financing opportunities from Korean investment agencies and development banks looking to support green growth programs.

Cocktail reception at the Hotel Rooftop (October 17th, 17:30)

Join us as we celebrate innovation, unity, and progress.  Together, we will toast to past successes and set our sights even higher on the journey ahead.

Breakout Period I (October 18th, 09:00)

[Session A] Increasing the Impact of Knowledge Sharing Platforms: Key Players & Best Practices

Hear from organizations sharing cutting-edge green growth knowledge and discussing ways to strengthen knowledge platforms to more effectively disseminate green growth knowledge to a global audience. 

[Session B]  Private Sector Partnerships

Building Prosperous Bridges: Gain insights from private and public sector leaders on innovative partnership strategies to encourage green investments and maximize impact.

Breakout Period II (October 18th, 10:45)

[Session A] Agriculture and Livelihoods: Supporting Farmers with Innovative Solutions

Agriculture stands as the cornerstone of livelihoods for countless communities across the globe. However, it faces unprecedented challenges, from the wrath of extreme weather conditions to persistent issues like soil degradation and escalating pest pressures. These adversities not only jeopardize our food systems but also cast a shadow over the economic well-being of millions of dedicated farmers. 

Join this session, where you will discover how innovative solutions are equipping farmers to overcome these challenges, fortify their livelihoods, and contribute to the creation of a greener world. 

[Session B] Water: Adapting to Climate Change through Improved Water Management

Water's critical role in development is undeniable and linked to multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

Together, let's find solutions to water-related challenges, ensuring economic progress, poverty eradication, and sustainable development.

[Session C] Transport: Pioneering Sustainable Mobility   

Transportation with a small climate footprint? It's possible! Explore visionary investments, including high-quality public transport and cleaner technologies, harmonizing development progress with climate targets. 

Breakout Period III (October 18th, 13:30)

[Session A]: Transport: Creating Safe and Resilient Railway Systems

Transportation experts will discuss railway safety, signaling and how to build and maintain effective and resilient operations.  Innovations and best-practices from around the world will be shared and discussed.    

Site visit for transport team to follow discussion.   

Site Visit (October 18th, 13:30)

Multiple site visits will occur.  Check the digital agenda to choose your adventure. 

Breakout Period I (October 19th, 09:00)

[Session A]: Urban, Resilience & Land: Empowering Vibrant and Sustainable Cities  

Cities are the engines of growth, but urbanization comes with challenges. Unveil case studies and innovative financing and policy solutions from Korea that ensure thriving cities and resilient landscapes. 

[Session B]: Digital Development 

Digital technologies are one of the largest producers of carbon emissions.  Yet when digital technologies are applied to different sectors (such as agriculture, energy, transport, or water), they provide solutions to reducing carbon emissions and fight climate change.  Join this discussion to see how digital technologies are supporting countries to achieve their economic and sustainable development goals. 

[Session C]: Agriculture and Smart Tech Solutions 

The agriculture sector is deploying new and green technologies in new ways to increase productivity, monitor crops, and support farmers in developing resilient farms. Hear from teams on the ground as they discuss their programs, impacts, and how they plan to scale up.  

Breakout Period II (October 19th, 10:45)

[Session A] Environment, Natural Resources & Blue Economy: Sustaining Our Planet's Vitality  

Nature's abundance forms the foundation for growth, prosperity, and human well-being. Delve into innovative green growth strategies that heal our ecosystems and empower sustainable progress. 

[Session B] Energy: Empowering Progress with Renewable Energy

Energy fuels the engines of prosperity, jobs, and inclusive growth. Explore the remarkable potential of renewable energy to combat climate change, build resilience, and lower energy costs. Join us on this inspiring journey of technology, financing, and policies for a sustainable future. 

[Session C] Transportation: Building Capacity at Home 

This session will explore new approaches to building the capacity of national transportation departments with speed and scale. 

Site Visits (October 19th, 14:00)

Multiple site visits will occur.  Check the digital agenda to choose your adventure.

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (October 19th, 17:00)

Join us for an after-hours tour of the world-renowned National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. 

This recently opened museum is dedicated to Egyptian civilization, culture, and antiquity. Spanning over 7,000 years from Prehistoric to the Roman era, this museum holds the distinction of being the first in the Arab World dedicated to a single civilization.